Quick Hits: Change Is Coming To Pittsburgh

Red Wings News

Wings in Waiting: Anthony Mantha - Detroit Red Wings
Jiri Fischer commented on Mantha's play this season: "Month after month, week after week, he just keeps proving that he is a dominant offensive power forward. I'm really excited about him turning pro next year".

Who was the most efficient player for the Red Wings this season? | The Detroit Hustle
According to this article, Gustav Nyquist was the Wings most efficient player in 2013-14. The second most efficient player was Johan Franzen.

Red Wings Tomas Tatar, Gustav Nyquist on possible collision course for Play of the Year | MLive.com
If both player's goals advance through the next two rounds of voting, they will meet up in the final to determine the play of the year.

Anthony Mantha Deserves a Shot at Making Detroit Red Wings - Octopus Thrower
Everyone deserves a shot of making the Wings' roster, but it is up to them to earn that spot. The Wings are not going to make Mantha a full-time player simply off of his past achievements. He will need to prove to the organization that he can contribute right now at the NHL level.

NHL News

Report: Penguins GM Shero's job in jeopardy - Sportsnet.ca
Major change seems to be heading Pittsburgh's way. When you have players like Crosby and Malkin on your roster you cannot afford to be choking in the playoffs.

Canadiens fans sold out Bell Centre for Game 7, which is in Boston - SBNation.com

If I lived in Detroit and couldn't afford to see the Wings play in another city in a game like this, I would go down to the Joe. I would rather watch it with thousands of fans than on my own.

Sharks owner ‘very disappointed,’ but McLellan’s job is safe | ProHockeyTalk
The former Red Wings' assistant coach will remain in San Jose for the time being.

Fresh off 2 Game 7 wins, Rangers get a bit of a break before Eastern Conference finals - The Hockey News
The Rangers are on a roll right now, and I would not be shocked if they made it all of the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

How much blame does Sidney Crosby deserve for Penguins' failure? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
While I do believe that Crosby deserves a lot of blame for the Penguins lack of success in the playoffs, I do not think that he is the reason why they failed to win. A team consists of 18 skaters, a goaltender, and a couple coaches. Pinning that team's failures on one single player, regardless of his ability or stature, is wrong.

Stanley Cup playoffs 2014: The beginning of the John Gibson era - SBNation.com

John Gibson has been an exciting prospect for a few years now. One day he may very well be the best goaltender in the world. He certainly has the potential to become it.

Tape2Tape: Pittsburgh Penguins Unsuccessful at NHL Draft | The Hockey Writers

Since 2007, only six draft picks have scored at least one goal for the Penguins. The only player to score more than 10 goals is Dustin Jeffrey, who scored 15 goals with the team. If Shero does get fired by the Penguins, his recent draft record will certainly be one of the reasons why he was handed the pink slip.

Twilight of an enforcer: A hockey player fights to stay in the game he loves - SBNation.com
A great longform article about Jimmy Bonneau, who is an enforcer currently playing in the AHL.

Now is the time to explore trading Letang | ProHockeyTalk
If it was not for his stroke, I would try to trade for Letang in a heartbeat. But his health issues do raise a red flag, and considering his contract ($7.25 million cap hit for the next eight years), I would be cautious about going after him. That said, I doubt that the Penguins would consider trading their best defenseman to a conference rival, if they even trade him at all.

Charlie Coyle played with two separated shoulders in Wild’s playoff run | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

For a young player like Coyle, playing with such a serious injury can have devastating long-term effects.

McDavid: KHL not 'end goal at all' entering 2015 draft year | TSN
It does not appear that Connor McDavid will be pursuing his dreams of playing in the KHL.

Let's Go Griffins!