Quick Hits: The Misremembering Edition

In Red Wings Land

I don’t really feel like talking about the NHL trade deadline again or reliving the Red Wings 8-1 loss to the Canadiens, so let’s just check out this video and these pictures of Luke Witkowski visiting kids in elementary school.

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Around the League

Wait... what?

I think Mike Babcock misremembers just exactly how things went down. The Wings reportedly offered him a four year deal worth $3.25 million per season. Babcock decided to leave for the Maple Leafs and take their eight year contract worth $6.25 million each season.  I don’t blame him for taking the money. That’s a lot to turn down.

Totally spitballing here... maybe he went to the Wings and told them he’d stay if they matched? We don’t know, but that could be a reason why he thinks he was sent away? Maybe the players wanted him gone?