Quick Hits: The Roster Decisions Edition

In Red Wings Land

Who’s staying and who’s going? Bold predictions for the Red Wings’ roster | Detroit News

Clearly TEd didn’t write the headline to his article. There is nothing bold about this Red Wings roster prediction whatsoever. It’s pretty straightforward and probably pretty close to what we’ll see opening night. I don’t think he’s too far off.

Around the League

GB wins in OT – France goes down! | IIHF.com

It was a stunning result as France led 3-0 midway through the game and seemed to take control, and it was all the more stunning because GB had lost 9-0, 8-0, 7-1, and 5-0 at various times during the tournament. It seemed unfathomable that they could survive, yet they openly admitted this was the game they were keying on all round robin.

This is pretty damn cool.