Quick Hits: The Blooming Flower Edition

In Red Wings Land

Steve Yzerman happy with Detroit’s roster after wild week - RedWings.com

“It’s been certainly a wild week in the NHL between trades and then yesterday, players moving teams,” Yzerman said after Day 2 of free agency Thursday. “It was probably a little bit more active, a little bit more movement than I anticipated initially. I thought it was entertaining.

To be honest there’s nothing in here that wasn’t in the video I shared the other day (in fact, that video is embedded in the post.)  I just like the concept of the official team site sharing that the GM is happy with his work like there’s literally any other choice of a headline here.

Around the League

Fleury will play for Blackhawks this season - NHL.com

“Hey Chicago, it’s Marc. I just want to let you know I’m in,” Fleury said. “Let’s get to work.”

Oh well. It was nice thinking about him not showing up for a while, but it was neve a realistic thought.