Quick Hits: The Dragons Edition

In Red Wings Land

Which former Red Wings have Hall-of-Fame credentials? - MLive

Chris Osgood: He has the credentials, with 401 wins and three Stanley Cups, including two as the starting goalie 10 years apart (1998 and 2008). A two-time Jennings Trophy winner, he was 67-37 in the playoffs, with 14 shutouts, and a goals-against average no worse than 2.60 in each of his 13 postseasons. Hall-eligible since 2014, his main problem is that many believe he was just a good goalie on great teams.

All of them IMO.

Around the NHL

Prospect dragons: Contextualizing NHL draft pick values - Raw Charge

So bad teams, yes, hoard those early picks. Sit upon them like a dragon and let no one near them. But good teams? Be creative. Flip those mid to late firsts for players who help you now and try to compensate with multiple picks in later rounds. You’re probably not getting a difference maker at pick 22 anyway. So stop looking at that wrapped present like it has your franchise savior in it and instead, be willing to move it if you have a chance to get better now.

WIIM Radio veteran and all-around unicorn that is a good Bolts fan Alan wrote up a piece that takes a new spin on the idea of evaluating draft pick values. He’s crunched the numbers to build a cool chart that shows you what are essentially the ranges of expectations fans can have for the career paths of their first-round picks.

Check out what an NHL team should expect to get with the 20th overall selection. How does that change your perspective on things?