Quick Hits: The Heavy Stuff Edition

In Red Wings Land

I want to start with something nice because the rest of this post gets heavy.

Around the NHL

How teenage hockey player Morgan Urso is working to destigmatize mental illness - ESPN

But the next day, the Ursos got a call from Pedrie that completely reversed course. Urso was no longer allowed at practices or games, and she was told she couldn’t communicate with any of her teammates. Pedrie had gone to the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI), the state’s governing hockey body, for guidance. This was their directive. As the Ursos were told, a few years ago, a pair of U19 teammates carried out a suicide pact, and the organization felt it was best if Morgan wasn’t around teammates, to prevent something similar from happening.

The Things You Can’t See - Colin Wilson (Via the Players’ Tribune)

My OCD played a role in making me the player I was. And I know there are many athletes out there who have that same connection. They might be afraid to seek help because on the outside they’re “succeeding” and they won’t want to change anything. I know I can tell them that that isn’t the case, but I also know they might not believe me.

Because I probably wouldn’t have believed it, either.

Arizona Coyotes cut ties with controversial draft pick Mitchell Miller - azcentral

Joni Meyer-Crothers said she was sick to her stomach when she found out Miller was cut, but he still has not personally apologized to her son or family.

“It’s a very sad situation all the way around,” she said. “And now we are getting threats from hockey families in Sylvania.”