Quick Hits: The Hundreds Edition

In Red Wings Land

As somebody who has only tracked the Tigers through my Red Wings fandom, this is cool.  Congrats to Miggy and to Tigers fans friends.

Around the League

Previewing the 2022 NHL UFA Class: Under-30 Forwards Edition - Sports Illustrated

Tomas Hertl, San Jose Sharks – $5.625 million AAV

“Just keep swimming” is not an option. The Sharks’ Cup window has snapped shut and it’s time to sink this team into the depths and build for the future. What they decide to do with Hertl, who is still in his prime at 27 years old and an ideal 1B or No. 2 center with his blend of size and skill, will be very telling. There’s a valid argument to re-sign Hertl and build around him, but he’s also got a lot of trade value and he could bring in a massive haul of futures for a team that lacks multiple first-round picks and elite prospects beyond William Eklund, whom they just drafted seventh overall. Hertl would be a great addition to any team and will be one of the most highly-sought centers should he become a free agent.

There are names better than this on the list, but there are also good explanations as to why you shouldn’t anticipate those names would leave their current teams, let alone leave to come to Detroit (hello Aleksander Barkov).

We’ll find out a lot more about whether the team should be leaning this way next offseason throughout the current season but I would very much like to be in position to be shoppers by then.