Quick Hits: The Reverse Retro Part Deux Edition

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Red Wings prospects doing good things!

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Here’s the official “partial reveal” of the new Red Wings Reverse Retro jerseys. I’m not sure you could show less in three pictures.

The folks at Icethetics took a stab at predictions for the Atlantic jerseys based on the official reveals. Please keep in mind that these are their predictions and not leaked designs, so who knows how close they will be to the actual jerseys.

With all that being said, if this is what the Detroit jersey looks like, I’m not a fan. I understand the idea many have that the standard jerseys are classics and shouldn’t be messed with, but if the league is clearly going to make them have a third jersey, it would be nice to see something more interesting than this.

If this is accurate, or even close, I would give it the Bart Simpson “At least you tried” cake. Time will tell.