Quick Hits: The Taking a Walk Edition

In Red Wings Land

Eishockeystar Moritz Seider - between Detroit and Germany | SWR Sport

This is a nine-minute video done by a German reporter with subtitles.  It’s good to hear him speak candidly in his native tongue about the path that led him to the NHL and his outlook.

The kid is mature.  He’s mature enough to know he doesn’t have to act mature.  He’s authentic.

In Other Red Wings News

Stephens is the only one I would have been interested in tendering because I think he played well enough despite injury.  The goalies’ chances have passed by this point and Juolevi was thoroughly unimpressive

Around the League

I love this idea.  Either Murray is terrible for the Leafs and it’s hilarious or Murray is good and at least I can tease Leafs fans about relying on the Sens.

It also goes to show how desperately the Sens wanted away from this guy.

NHL QO deadline: Kase, Samsonov not qualified - TSN

TSN’s list of all the players who didn’t get QOs by the deadline.  Our old friend Evgeny Svechnikov is among them, as is Dennis Cholowski.

In other UFA news, apparently the Penguins are going to let Malkin walk.