Quick Hits: The Trade Us Mitch Marner Edition

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Did you know that Zach Werenski and Dylan Larkin played togther?

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31 Thoughts: How will Dubas handle Maple Leafs’ off-season? - Sportsnet.ca
He had a weird series. One of the advanced analytic people I enjoy is Corey Sznajder, who does painstaking work on things like zone entries and puck touches. He had some interesting data on Marner, crediting him with just five scoring chances despite 22 full-strength shots. That confirms my personal eye test: He had the puck, but didn’t create like he usually does. However, I think Dubas believes Marner will only get better.

Lots of good stuff here from the play-in round.

Corey does a ton of great work. It’s great to see him recognized nationally. Personally, I don’t think you can make good decisions off of a 5 game series played during a global pandemic, in which teams didn’t play for months.

But if Toronto wants to trade us Mitch Marner, this is me:

Of course, I don’t actually believe that will happen.

6. On Jesse Puljujarvi, it sounds like the Oilers thought a signing was close, the player not so much. We will see where this goes. A trade is still possible.

I would 100% take a flyer on him. I also don’t actually believe this will happen.

Bonus Article

‘The Weight of Gold’ Is a Wake-up Call for Olympics Fans - The Ringer
The Weight of Gold is the latest in a series of projects that center on the lived experiences of athletes who competed at the highest echelons of their sports. This is not some brand-new genre: It’s been 25 years since the release of Joan Ryan’s investigative book Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters exposed the ugly side of all that sparkle. For decades, publications like Sports Illustrated frequently delved beneath the surface to uncover inconvenient truths. But what distinguishes a lot of the more recent movements is not only the direct agency of the people involved, but the growing sense of solidarity and momentum between them all.

This documentary came out a little while ago. I know that it doesn’t really connect to hockey, but it kind of does. It’s about what happens when the spotlight is off of a player. And we all know that can be very bad.