Quick Hits: The Upcoming Returns Edition

In Red Wings Land

How Robby Fabbri reignited career after Detroit Red Wings stole him from Blues - The Detroit News

In terms of his career, he’d like to stay in one place for awhile with the team that gave him a second chance.

“I’ve stated multiple times I want to be in Detroit for as long as possible,” he said. “I don’t control that but I loved it there from the minute I came. Everything was great for myself, for my girlfriend and the dogs. They loved it there. I’m looking to stay there as long as I can.”

A good amount of stuff from Fabbri about how much he’s enjoyed playing for the Wings, his next contract negotiations, and what he’s been doing to keep busy while stuck in Toronto.

Around the NHL

Players agree to move forward with NHL’s 24-team return-to-play proposal - Yahoo Sports

As of now, there are no known target dates for a return, nor any decisions on which cities will host games if the NHL can indeed resume its campaign.

Still a way to go before finalizing plans, but this is a big hurdle overcome so far.