Quick Hits: The Old Foes Edition

In Red Wings Land

When Blackhawks became underdogs no more - Second City Hockey

Until that point, Chicago hadn’t slayed the dragon that had tormented them for so long. Sure, the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win in 2010 to end a 49-year title drought was euphoric, but the opportunity to win it while dethroning the Red Wings never materialized after Detroit was eliminated by the Sharks in the second round. The Red Wings hung on to their glory days for a few more seasons, even winning a first-round series over the Coyotes in 2011, a feat the Blackhawks couldn’t manage in 2011 or 2012. The only marquee matchup between the fading Red Wings and surging Blackhawks came during the 2010 Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, which — of course — Detroit won.

There’s not really Detroit news, but it’s kind of a fun bittersweet sting reading the Hawks blog thrill about how it took them for-damn-ever to get over the hump that was being the Wings’ little brother.

Around the NHL

Ducks goalie Ryan Miller makes charity a priority during NHL’s coronavirus break - The OC Register

Miller, 39, began the Steadfast Foundation in 2006, while playing with the Buffalo Sabres. It was through his charity that he set up his latest fundraising effort, an online auction that features some of his pads, catching gloves, skates and sticks, plus a few donated items from teammates and rivals.

Drew’s brother is real cool.

You can also find that auction link here.