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Quick Hits: The ‘Womp Womp’ Edition

Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Red Wings Rumblings

One Word for Every NHL Team after the Trade Deadline

Red Wings: Breathe

A pretty rational thought from Bleacher Report…

“The Red Wings have been in a position all season where when they play their best, they look like they could win a playoff round. But when they come back to earth, it’s obvious they aren’t quite there yet.
Dylan Larkin is an incredible player, but the amount of struggling the team does when he’s out of the lineup shows they’ve still got a ways to go before they’re constantly in the playoff conversation.
The young core needs a little more time to develop, the goaltending needs to improve, and we all need to temper our expectations.”

Can’t say I disagree.

NHL News

Buffalo wins, now within striking distance of Wild Card

Maybe not the news you wanted to see this morning, but it’s the ugly reality you face when you lose SEVEN GAMES IN A ROW during the home stretch of the regular season.

32 Thoughts: Expansion, goalies, etc.

Nothing Red Wings related in Friedman’s 32 Thoughts, which is pretty par for the course. Friedge did, however, talk about expansion (don’t care), and the goalie market this offseason. Would imagine Detroit will be heavily involved in the market if they don’t think Sebastian Cossa is ready to make the jump.

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