Red Wings at Blues Game Day Updates, Keys to the Game

Red Wings Updates

Nothing new out today just yet, but we got all the info we needed yesterday, including Bernier telling the press he’s your starter. Lines from practice on Wednesday:

Blues Updates

Keys to the Game

Get those 30 goal seasons out of the way. That’s right, Wings need 5 goals tonight, count em: five goals. Three from Dylan Larkin, two from Andreas Athanasiou. As we all know, these narratives are distracting from the season, and we need these two chases to just end so we can focus on the very pleasant big picture of this season.

Howard ought to prove everybody right for his extension. Fresh off a new contract, I know everyone is thinking “Great, this guy just cashed his millions, what does he have left to even play for?” But just wait. Double shut out tonight. What is a double shut out? You’ll have to watch to see.

Play some exciting, up-tempo hockey. This kind of goes without saying, since I’ve also written I want to see five goals tonight, but I don’t think a single fan would be disappointed if we lost out the remainder of the season in 7-6 decisions. With only a few games left, let’s have some fun.