Red Wings at Jets: Rank 'Em!


Quick Thoughts

  • Did you watch the whole game? Why? I mean, I don't have room to judge, but I kind of signed up for this shit when I started blogging.
  • Try to find one person who deserves a thumbs up (maybe the refs?)
  • So as I was growing up, the go-to tease was J.J. Walker. People would say "DYN-O-MITE!" at me. Just as that shit died out because it was too old a reference, that damn jet plane show came out and reinvigorated things. I hate that show./

Time for you to vote on the players you thought did well and those who did not so well. Give a thumbs up for down if you felt strongly enough about a player's performance in this game. If not, go ahead and leave the thumb alone. We count up neutral votes for guys like that. Thanks!

Detroit Red Wings Coach