Red Wings at Stars: Rank 'Em

Wings in Dallas on Leap Day to celebrate the end of the Trade Deadline. Wings took a 1-1 tie into the third period. Then, Athanasiou happened on one of the filthiest things I've ever seen in a hockey game. Late power plays happened and the Stars emptied their net and of course they tied it. 90 scary seconds later we got 3-on-3.

3-on-3 Rules

Quick Thoughts

  • The Stars know how to make sure the game is wide open, even if you don't necessarily want to play that way. They're fast and have good zone entries, but man are they risky to watch. At least it's not boring.
  • Athanasiou should have been up all season. This is quite evident.
  • I think this would have been a good game to have Brendan Smith for. A wide-open style suits him better than trying to play tight no-mistake hockey. /

Now you give thumbs up or down for everybody depending on how they did. Up for good and down for bad. Thanks!

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