Red Wings vs. Bruins: Rank 'Em!

The Wings and Bruins had a typical Valentine's day, with no love being lost and also lots of scoring. The game was crazy bonkers with the Wings going down 3-1 in the first and then blowing what had been left of a two-goal lead early in the third. Fortunately, the Wings got the last one and won!

Quick Thoughts

  • Edzo is so terrible in national broadcasts where he has to pretend to be neutral. He's honestly entertaining calling Hawks games because he's kind of like a young Mickey in showcasing a lot of the little plays that lead to goals, but boy does he hate him some Red Wings.
  • Matt Beleskey kneeing Gus Nyquist should have been seen and I hope it gets reviewed.
  • It's nice to see the team trying their hardest to prop up a goalie who isn't having a good game. I want to let you know that I am rooting for Jimmy Howard and I love him, but the best way I can describe the game Mrazek had was "I was terrified of every single opposition shot going in today" and that's something I've felt about Howard more often than Mrazek.

Please vote for each person you thought played positively or negatively using the thumbs up/down system. Thanks!

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