Red Wings vs. Ducks: Rank 'Em!

The Red Wings welcomed a rested Ducks team to town on Saturday night. That was a bad idea.

Quick Thoughts

  • Did you know Ryan Kesler is from Livonia? I want the state government to tear the entire city down because of this. I want the United States to make Livonia an independent state and declare war on it just so people will shut the fuck up about Kesler being from there.
  • Darren Helm scored on a breakaway. Prepare for the end of times accordingly.
  • David Perron fits in so well with the Ducks it's amazing to think he was ever with another team. The cheating, the douchiness, the stupid face. It's such a perfect match. /

Now you thumbs. You thumbs good or you thumbs bad. Thank you for thumbs.

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