SB Nation NHL FanPulse: The Season’s Future

Hey folks! It’s been a bit since we’ve published one of these, but the newest FanPulse results are in. Here’s the rundown on how it works:  You sign up for the FanPulse project, they send you questions to answer, and we collect all that beautiful data to share back with you.

This time, we’re digging into the questions on EVERYBODY’S minds:

Question 1

I’ve got to say I’m leaning more with the majority here the more I read about.

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

In all honesty, this wasn’t the order the questions were asked in, but they’re in the order that makes the most sense to me, so there you have it.  It’s interesting how certain the first answer is and how split they become as you go.  I have a feeling that a lot of the ‘No’ responders for whether the season will even finish are just kind of randomly guessing about the rest, but I’m not a sciencer.

We’ll be getting out our next round of questions to folks soon to keep the project going, but likely heading into an every-other-week schedule. If you’re interested in taking part of the voting, you can sign up here:

NHL FanPulse Sign Up Form