Scoreboard Watch: Open Thread for Friday March 28th

We're at that part of the season where we care very deeply what other teams do and will even watch those teams do that stuff on days when the Wings aren't playing. Here's your schedule for tonight with my picks.


  • As you can see, both Toronto and Columbus play tonight and, seeing as how we're tied with them in the standings, it would be nice if they were to lose.
  • In Ottawa, I don't really care who wins. I like the Hawks to lose by default, but the Sens are in our division now and they haven't been mathematically eliminated from catching us. I guess go Chicago, but I hate saying that.
  • The Dallas pick is because not only do I want Nashville to lose, but I also picked Dallas to finish in front of Vancouver this season and I want that to happen, so Dallas needs to win.
  • Go Jiri Hudler!
  • Go Not-the-Ducks!

What are you watching tonight?