Steve Yzerman Steps Down as GM of Lightning

I’ve never wished it was April 1st so much. People would be going crazy trying to figure out if it was a true story or a prank.

A relatively wild week for this time of pre-season in the Atlantic continued today as news broke that Tampa Bay Lightning General Manager and Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman was stepping down from that role.

This news will be certain to lead to fans connecting pictures of bulletin boards with red string, but this could be a precursor to a Detroit return for its former captain.

Of course, as Craig Custance points out, there are still some obstacles to this prediction coming true.

Before people fire up the speculation-a-tron, there are other potential reasons for this move.  Of course, the best possible reason would be that it’s the first step to completing the “Hero Returns Home, Having Changed” portion of his hero’s journey.

Right now we don’t have too much to go on, but Helene gives us some interesting phrasing to chew on:

“Going home to Detroit.” I only know one way that could be taken. Shhhh, put your hand down. ONE WAY.

I never thought I would say this, but this might actually happen.