WIIM Radio Mailbag: Mid-December

Welcome to another Monday mailbag and another pregame for an episode of WIIM Radio that we'll be recording immediately after a Sabres game. Last time we did this, the Wings beat Buffalo in a shootout. Hopefully we do at least that well this time around. Here's a quick rundown of topics we'll go over.

  • The week that was: Detroit lost two out of three games but still ended up with four out of six points thanks to overtime. We'll review the Washington, Montreal, and New Jersey games.
  • Red Wings news: Quincey is skating, Athanasiou is hurt, Blashill says he's not calling somebody up to play on the fourth line. We'll go over the roster and roster decisions.
  • Prospects report: Michelle will walk us through all the happenings with the Griffins and elsewhere. Grand Rapids is on quite the little tear recently.
  • Reader questions: Here's the important part. We need you to ask all your best questions in the comments below. We'll go through them and answer the ones we haven't gotten to yet.
  • The week ahead: Just Vancouver on Friday and Calgary on Sunday ahead after the Buffalo game. Wings will have plenty of time to finish their Christmas shopping.