WIIM Radio Mailbag: The After-the-Midpoint Edition

Welcome to our latest WIIM Radio mailbag. We’ll be recording our newest episode tonight with the plan to have it out early tomorrow morning for your listening pleasure. Here’s a list of topics we’ll get into:

The Red Wings of Late: Kind of obvious that a Red Wings podcast will talk about the team, but we’ve got plenty to go over. From the team’s playoff positioning to their consistency to the plan/handling with the kids, we’ve got a good bit of news and analysis to bring on your favorite winged wheel warriors

Around the NHL: With the season just over halfway over and all the teams through their breaks, we’ll take a quick look around the rest of the NHL to bring you the news and notes of interest.

Upcoming Special Tournaments: Between the Olympics and the All-Star....errrr...”game” we’ve got some specialty hockey to talk. We might also talk about the NHL being dumb again in terms of entertainment, but I dunno about that.

Positivity Corner: We’ll take a break to have our favorite segment remind people that it’s a beautiful world we live in and there’s tons to appreciate about this lovely globe/disk on which we live.

Reader Questions: Usually our best segment thanks in large part to you fine folks hitting us hard with the great questions on everybody’s mind (except for the constant asks about Ken Holland, which we won’t answer). Make sure to put it in the comments and if we haven’t already covered the topic, we’ll go around the horn with your query.

Looking Ahead: Just one game prior to the All-Star break and then off until next Wednesday, we’ll jump a bit farther up the calendar and tell you how things are going to go down for our friends in red.

Recording starts late tonight so get your questions in and look for the episode to drop in the morning. Thanks and LGRW!