Quick Hits: The End of the Road? Edition

In Red Wings Land

Jeff Blashill: No Red Wings have been tested for coronavirus | Detroit News

“Nothing to my knowledge, or our hockey team,” Blashill said of whether any player has been affected or exhibited symptoms. “Nor has any of our hockey team members been tested to my knowledge. They’ve all gone their separate ways, (but) to my knowledge, and we’ve kept close tabs, nobody has been tested.

“No one’s met any of the requirements needed in order to be tested.”

Well, that is definitely good news.

Blashill also mentioned the Red Wings players have all gone back to their home countries. But in regards to when the NHL season might get started again...

Blashill saw the plan but wasn’t overly optimistic.

“I read the same headlines and thought to myself, ‘that’s late,’” Blashill said. “My gut feeling is there’s a lot of potential restraints that would make that proposal potentially not doable.”

My guess? The season is likely over and the playoffs, sadly, won’t be played.

Around the League

NHL looking at different factors that could determine return to action | Sportsnet

To make a betting analogy, the NHL is currently on the equivalent of a bad run at the blackjack table and won’t spend all night trying desperately to salvage the session. It’s already committed to when it will get up and walk away if things don’t change for the better.

That’s a smart approach under the circumstances.

Hey, if the league does cancel the season, they should cancel the NHL draft lottery too!