Red Wings vs. Hurricanes: Rank 'Em!

The end of October nears, but not the end of our Rank 'Em series. Detroit welcomed the Hurricanes into town for the teams' last meeting of the season, in a rubber match for dominance. Unfortunately, Carolina claimed that with a 3-1 win thanks to two absolutely gifted goals by the Red Wings

Quick Thoughts

  • The refs let a lot of things go for both teams.
  • Tatar and Gerbe dropped their gloves and didn't even get credit for a fight because they're so little. Haha
  • That game got a lot less fun to watch after 40 minutes. /

Here's the drill: you go down the list and give each player a thumbs up or a thumbs down based on how well you thought he played (or no vote if he didn't move you in the thumbs-giving portion of your brain). We tally the votes and use them to power our machine that eats pollution and spits out rainbows.

Best Red Wings Players