WIIM Radio: Changes to WIIM Radio Format Coming, Get your Mailbag Questions in Now

Hey folks. It's been two weeks since we last did an episode of WIIM Radio. When we last left you, Gustavy Nyquist had just been signed to a four-year deal and we were going over the free agency frenzy from early July. Now that the dust has settled a bit and the Wings have worked through all their RFA signings, we've got another episode coming.

We're going to do this one a little differently though.

We'll be recording WIIM Radio tonight, but we won't be doing it live. We're going to try something new with having the show a little bit more polished and produced that what we've had. It'll take away the live feedback that we've had in previous episodes, but we're striving to bring you a higher quality production than what's previously come out.

While we don't anticipate this will be the usual turnaround, this is the first run-through of our new process, so it'll likely be Wednesday afternoon before we get this episode out. We're going to strive for speedier in follow-ons, but let's take this late-July one as a dry run-through to make sure we're running at 100% for when the season starts.

Just because we're not doing it live doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you though. Any questions you've got, please drop them into the comments here and we'll make sure we go over them during the episode. Here's a list of topics we've already got planned.

  1. The Pulkkinen and Jurco Signings - What they mean for the club and how the team stands right now.
  2. Rosterbation - What needs to change before the NHL season kicks off to get the Wings ready to win and cap compliant.
  3. Atlantic Division & Eastern Conference Preview - We'll take a really early look at how things are stacking up for the division and conference and try to figure out where the Wings stand.
  4. Prospects Report - Michelle will join in to talk prospects and get us primed up for the Prospects Tournament coming up.
  5. Expansion/Realignment Talk - The NHL got two bids and could see even more movement. What could it mean for the unbalanced conferences if the league adds a team from Quebec?
  6. Reader Questions - We'll go over the questions you leave for us and answer the ones we haven't accidentally already covered on our way through the previous topics.

- - -

So there you have it. New WIIM Radio plan coming up for this season and tonight will be our first-run recording. Get those questions in and get ready for the newly revamped show!